Steps To Fix BSOD While Playing Video Games

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    If you are getting bsod error while playing video games, today’s guide is here to help you. Usually blue screen deaths indicate faulty hardware or painful drivers. Bad overclocking will also cause blue screens of death. Insufficient power to the power supplies can also cause power outages, resulting in computer failure. Overheating of a video card is also known to cause BSOD.

    This page shows you how to fix the blue screen error if you are running games with five efficient services. In addition, a data recovery tool was indeed introduced that allows you to instantly recover files that fix the blue color on your PC screen.

    Rest assured and don’t worry about empty paperwork if your computer won’t start and you get a blue error message on your computer screen with an error code while playing a game, as available here:

    • 0x00000009F (power setting issue)
    • 0Ã – 00000050, 0Ã – 40000080 (dust problem)
    • 0x000000FE, 0Ã – 000000124 (memory and video card problem)
    • 0Ã – 0000007E, 0Ã – 000008E, 0x00000073, 0Ã – 000000116 (driver problem)
    • 0 × 0000000A, 0x0000001A, 0 × 000000EA, 0 × 000000BE, 0 × 000000D1,0× 000000FC (driver problem)

    Don’t worry if someone else has the same problem or if it’s a bug on your computer. Here we offer five methods to solve this problem and recover lost version with EaseUS computer file recovery software.

    Part 1. Fixing Blue Screen Errors On Startup Or Game

    As you can see, different blue screen error codes represent different problems. But don’t worry. Please take a look at the quick fixes and methods so that you can fix this error immediately here.

    Quick Fix: Restart Your Computer, Unplug Your Memory And Graphics Card, And Then Plug It Back In

    Why does my screen crash when I play games?

    Potential factors that can cause your computer to crash while playing social applications include running a large number of programs in the background and consuming a lot of memory. Existing video card drivers are not compatible with your Windows operating system (especially Windows 10). Your audio driver collides with alternate devices.

    If your computer displays a blue screen and displays an error message while playing or streaming games over the Internet, try the following quick solutions:

    2. In addition to re-installing, removing or replacing this memory card, video card.

    Can a graphics card cause a BSOD?

    Yes, a GPU crash is most likelywill cause the Windows driver to stop validating, which can result in a hardware error and BSOD. Driver factors can lead to error checking, which supposedly happened here.

    Then restart your computer and restart the game to check if the problem is still there. If the problem It won’t disappear, relax. Follow the video tutorial or hardware provided here to instantly remove this error from your Windows 10, 8 or other computers.

    Video Tutorial On How To Fix BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)

    How do I fix BSOD when playing games?

    1 Uninstall and reinstall the graphics / display drivers.2 Change the power settings.3 Perform a clean restart.4 Enable UEFI Boot.

    Method 1: Update Your Graphics Card, Chipset And Other Important Drivers

    If the video card chipset or other drivers do not work as expected on laptops with Windows 10, 8, or 7, you may receive an error in the blue section. And the best way is to update all major drivers like graphics, chipset, firmware, etc. from your PC:

    Step 2. In the “System” section, click on the “Device Manager”, find and double-click the name of the hardware device – video card, chipset of the current computer or hard drive in the list of materials “Categories”.

    Step 4. Select “Automatically check for car driver software updates” to have Windows automatically check for the latest driver and update it.

    Repeat this process for several days and nights, and when all drivers are completeIf you are stuck, restart your computer while on the road and see if this error is resolved.

    Method 2: Perform A Clean Reboot In Windows

    The reason we recommend doing a clean boot of Windows first is because a bacteria-free boot can help you determine if background processing or gaming is affecting your computer’s performance.

    Step 2. On the Services tab, select Hide All Microsoft Services and click Disable All.

    Step-by-Step View: In Task Manager, on the Start tab, select items and just click Disable.

    Step 5. Close the Click Task Manager, click OK on the Start tab of System Configuration and restart your current computer.

    Step 6. After restarting the computer, check if the error message is still displayed on the blue screen of the computer. Then start the game to see if the same error is repeated.

    In this case, use the following methods to resolve the specific error.

    Method 3. Correct BIOS Settings

    Step 10: Go to C:> Windows> Distribute ProgramsSoftware> Download all files to a saved folder and delete duplicate content. Also remove the $ Windows.Folder ~ bt in the root regions belonging to “C:”.

    Step 2. After deleting this information, restart your computer. Either way, go to activate BIOS (press F12 or Del key during boot) and UEFI Boot.3:

    Step Disable all CPU overclocking options if you set them above their default values.

    Method 4. Change Stamina Parameters

    bsod when playing video games

    Step 1. Open Control Panel, select Power Options and select Change Settings.

    Step 3. Disable Link State Power Management in Plug-in and Battery in PCI Express.

    Method 5. Removing Malware And Viruses

    Malicious programs or unknown viruses can also cause blue screen errors on Windows PCs. You can also run antivirus software or malware removal programs on your computer to remove viruses or malware. May

    They try CCleaner or other popular internet virus removal tools.

    Note. If a file is generally believed to be infected with viruses or malware, a complete deletion will destroy the file using the removal tool, which means data loss may occur.

    If you have any problems with the file, the loss remains great, don’t make any changes to any device or computer and follow part 2 to get the file back as soon as possible.

    Part 2. Recover Files After Fixing Blue Screen On PC

    The provided methods will enable you to successfully fix everyday blue screen on your PC. However, some of the above methods, such as Method 5, may result in data loss on your computer.

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    bsod when playing video games

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    Then select the store to save the recovered data and details, click “OK”. As you can see, you need to save the data somewhere else and not in the original.

    Realistic solutions Step by step troubleshooting
    Fix 1: Update your graphics card and disks If certain video card or chipset drivers do not work as expected, Windows will work on ten, eight, or seven computers … Full Steps
    Right. Perform a clean reboot Click and install: msconfig, select System Configuration. On the Services tab, select Hide All … Follow these steps
    Fix 3: Correct BIOS Settings Go to C:> Windows> Software Distribution> Download and remove all fathe files stored in this single folder … Follow the steps
    Fix 4: Change Power Options Go to Control Panel, Power Options and select Change Plan Settings. Click Change Advanced Performance … Follow Steps
    Hotfix 5. Remove this malicious virus You can run antivirus software or malware removal tools on your computer to start cleaning up malware … Full Steps

    Can BSOD cause damage?

    When Windows realizes that something could do real damage, everything stops, as if in the infamous Blue Screen of Death. BSoD can be a sign of a hardware failure. In this case, it might appear that the problem is due to an error. While BSoD can damage your hardware, it can ruin your life.

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