Debug Soap Client Troubleshooting

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    In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that might lead to debugging the Soapclient and then suggest possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

    Debug A Specific SOAP Request

    1. Use the SOAP extension.

    Indeed, the easiest * way to debug a great SOAP request is to create a SOAP extension that currently contains a raw SOAP request and a useful SOAP response from the web help or web service client logs from mine the following functions from the SoapClient class:

    • SoapClient :: __ getLastRequestHeaders
    • SoapClient :: __ getLastRequest
    • SoapClient :: __ getLastResponseHeaders
    • SoapClient :: __ getLastResponse

    For this to work, you need to create a SoapClient object with tracing option enabled versus xdazz:

      $ client = new MySoapClient ($ wsdlUrl, array ('trace' => 1)); 

    then start SOAP calls in a nice try-catch block:

    debug soapclient

        $ result matches $ client -> __ SoapCall ('routeCase', $ params);catch ( Exception $ e)   include new  Exception ("Soup request failed! Answer:". $ client -> __ getLastResponse ()); 

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    When developing SOAP solutions in it, Perl is also a good idea to clean up the PHP tmp folder when your WSDL contract changes (see the tmp folder path in phpinfo () ) to force PHP SoapClient to reload the WSDL and XSD files you canDo not use cached presentations (before they expire).

    It is also useful to configure options such as Exceptions and cache_wsdl in addition to soap_version as of the development version:

      $ options matches an array (    'soap_version' => SOAP_1_2,    'Exceptions' => false,    'track' => 1,    'cache_wsdl' => WSDL_CACHE_NONE); 

    * The downside of debugging with a SOAP extension is likely to be certificate errors before the exact request or something. Therefore it is not possible to use getLastRequest () or possibly getLastResponse () when connected to a vehicle.

    1. Using Xdebug

    Another attractive option for debugging SoapClient climate environment is the debug session cookie from Xdebug and your favorite IDE

      $ client = new SoapClient (    'http: //example.loc/index.php/api/v2_soap/? wsdl ');$ client -> __ setCookie ('XDEBUG_SESSION', 'NETBEANS'); 
    1. With custom plotter and SOAP debugger.

    debug soapclient

    Dedicated SOAP tracking and debugging applications are also very useful: besides the usual suspects like SoapUI, there are also gapsNative trace proxies such as As charles described here. The downside of this method is that it adds more layers and can cause problems for beginners, for example. Handshake problems.

    There are several common commercial SOAP debuggers that are really worth your time, such as the Spy SOAP XML debugger or SOAPSonar, that actually do the validation and invocation. Either way, SoapUI is still the better half.

    If you think you’re having a fantastic problem with the details of the network protocol, try Wireshark, a network project analyzer for Unix and Windows.

    Protocols, Protocols, Protocols

    Basic information about problems can also be obtained from the PHP log and the web server log. Make sure full error log is enabled.

    To meet all the needs for end-to-end security of web services transactions, XMLSpy supports WS-Security (web services security) based authentication using client certificates and HTTPS web call services.

    Web Services Security has been released by OASIS and is a further development of SOAP that helps add security features such as validating SOAP messages even when it comes to the end-to-end security of complex web services. These measures are in addition to the measures used to transfer the layer over HTTP security.

    SOAP security settings are configured in the SOAP Request Settings dialog box, which is accessed through a SOAP recipe so that you can enable and view the HTTP security settings and WS security features. The security settings can also be safe for the SOAP debugger.

    I need to debug a small piece of code that uses a soap client. I have always found getLast * php methods, but I am trying to get a debug request that returns NULL

       ChangePowerUnit (array (        "Performance value" => 100,        "fromPowerUnit" => "PS",       "toPowerUnit" => "Megawatt"    ));            echo "====== HEAD OF RESEARCH =====". PHP_EOL;    var_dump ($ client -> __ getLastRequestHeaders ());    represent "========= INQUIRY ========== ". PHP_EOL;    var_dump ($ client -> __ getLastRequest ());    Mirror "========= ANSWER =========". PHP_EOL;    Var_dump soap test (answer $);?> 
      $ php.php====== HEAD OF RESEARCH =====ZERO========= REQUEST ==========ZERO========= ==========Subject (stdClass) # 2, answer (1)  ["ChangePowerUnitResult"] =>  Float (0.0746) 

    How do I get the content text and headers of the last SoapClient request?

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