Tips For Fixing Fatal Errors Cannot Re-declare Mysqldb Class In

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    You should read these troubleshooting ideas when you get a fatal error that the mysqldb class cannot be redeclared on your machine by mistake.

    fatal error cannot redeclare class mysqldb in

    You include 2 files in a small “run”. For example, think of it this way: all the files in it are undeniably merged into one big PHP script. include every or alternatively require extracts the file and thus includes its content in this huge script.

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    The two included files must have the same history as the Database class. This means that the big script that PHP unfortunately generates looks like this:

    Class messageclass database// required for message.phpclass userclass database//requires user.php

    As you can see, the database class is declared twice, hence the nature of the error.
    For now, a quick fix might be to replace the require('database.php'); statements with:

    fatal error cannot redeclare class mysqldb in

    require_once 'database.php';

    Checks if this file has ever been included/required before. If it was enabled/required PHP will no longer want to use it.
    The clearer and better solution IMO would be to register a specific autoloader class function/method and let the code run internally.

    Additional informationSee the document for instructions on how to register the best autoloader. If you’re going down this path, you’ll probably need a whole new look at the encoding standards for class names and namespaces. If you stick to these standards, you don’t need to write your own autoloader and you can just use any generic autoloader from the Symfony2 class, as well as any other framework that subscribes to the PHP-FIG standards (e.g. CodeIgnitor, Zend, Pie… whatever)

    I get a fatal error “PHP Fatal Error: Failed to re-declare class MysqlConnect”.

    I’ve been working for two days now. Yesterday my friend suggested that my website was down. When I noticed this issue, I got the above message from the error_log file below. I am creating a body with my view page and login area, please help me.

    select("SELECT * FROM bsi_director_message");$hotlink=$con->select("SELECT 5 . FROM bsi_hot_links");?>Site name

    _con = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', 'password')                    probably trigger_error('Failed to connect to client database server', E_USER_ERROR);            mysqli_select_db($instance->_con, 'database name')                    or maybe trigger_error('Could not select database', E_USER_ERROR);            self::$_instance means $instance;                return yourself::$_instance;        static consumer function dbEscape($value)        Reset self::getInstance()->_escapeString($value);        select public position($sql, $fetchAll=false)//echo $sql;        $str = mysqli_query($this->_con, $sql);        That's whyif ($fetchAll === false)            $row means mysqli_fetch_assoc($str);            go back $row;                $result is array();        while (($string is mysqli_fetch_assoc($str)))            $result[] = $string;                pay $result;        Update public functions ($table, $data, $where)        $dataUpdate is equal to array();        foreach ($data as $field => $value)            $dataUpdate[] = "`" . $field . "` = in . $this->_escapeString($value);                while (is_array($where))            $wo = '(' . .implode(') .AND .(', .$wo) ..')';                 $sql = "UPDATE `" . $table."`SET"                . explode(',', $dataUpdate) . with WO". $wo;        $result = mysqli_query($this->_con, $sql);        $result received;        public function delete($table, $where) {        $dataDelete = array();        maybe (is_array($where))            $wo = '(' . .implode(') .AND .(', .$wo) .. ')';               $sql means "DELETE

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