How To Fix “How To Increase Bandwidth” Error In Windows XP

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    Recently, some of our readers encountered a known error code when increasing bandwidth on Windows XP. This problem can occur for many reasons. We will discuss this below. Make sure you are also logged in as “Administrator”.Start > Run > select gpedit.Expand the Local Computer Policy branch.Expand the Administrative Templates branch.Expand the Network branch.Highlight “QoS Packet Scheduler” here in the left window.

    how to increase bandwidth in windows xp

    This excerpt is taken from the Hacking Windows XP Custom Book and will show your business how to change Windows XP registry settings to improve and speed up the Internet.

    The speed associated with your network connection depends on more than just how fast your PC hardware turns on. Windows is an operating system designed to run reliably on a variety of hardware and network configurations. Due to the abstract nature of the operating system, it is not optimized for non-standard hardware systems.

    Depending on the type of your cellular network connection, you can only optimize your connection, which means that your internet speed as well as your local network speed will be faster. By reading the system registry and changing the TCP/IP settings, you can fine-tune these Values ​​to take advantage of even more reliable and faster internet connections such as DSL and cable.

    These next levels will take you through the steps created by increasing the speed of your local network and internet connection.

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    Does your computer keep slowing down when browsing the local network and connecting to other computer programs that communicate? Of course, the most common reason for this slowdown is the Windows Explorer feature that looks for scheduled items on remote computers. This can sometimes take a while, and even computers can slow down your final browsing experience a lot. The window your company uses to browse the network may freeze momentarily while the device waits for a response from our remote computer.

    Although this problem is also complex, the solution has always been very simple. Instead of waiting for remote scheduled tasks, which is useless information for some people who are not the system administrator setting up the remote If you have any scheduled tasks, disable this feature.

    In order to create this, you need to hack the system registry and remove another reference to a key that will not create this function. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Registry Editor by selecting the Start menu with the mouse cursor and launching it. Then type regedit in the Create box and click the OK button.
    2. Once the Registry Editor has loaded, expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key.
    3. Then, expand Software and Microsoft.
    4. Search boxes, and that’s also mature.
    5. If you want to change the most important system files, expand CurrentVersion.
    6. Because this function is your Windows component function called “Explorer”, expand the “Explorer” key.
    7. Next, you need to change the settings for the main remote computer, expand the RemoteComputer key, and then expand our own NameSpace key to see all the similar features enabled since you became a remote browser.
    8. In the NameSpace folder you will find 2 entries. One of them is “2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D” and it tells the conductor so far List the printers used on the remote device. New, says “d6277990-4c6a-11cf-8d87-00aa0060f5bf”, explorer to display scheduled generic remote tasks. This is what you should remove. This can also be done by right-clicking on the button label and selecting Delete.

    If you are not trying to view common remote shared printers and you are really only interested in shared files, you should also delete the main printer “2227A280-3AEA -1069-A2DE-08002B30309D”. It will also increase your browsing speed.

    how to increase bandwidth in windows xp

    After deleting the key, all you have to do is reboot and the changes will most likely take effect. Now your computer network will work without harmful delays

    Programs you don’t need are stored on every computer. As with extra programs taking up space, moving extra protocols only wastes your individual network connection and can actually disable it easily. How is this possible? There are several different methods installed on your computer by default toensure maximum compatibility with other computers on the network. Each of these networks requires bandwidth to operate. Most users will not use too many protocols, and their computers will consume some of their connection in order to respond and transmit instructions for those protocols.

    In addition, additional technologies installed on your Internet network adapters increase the risk of security issues. One of the most common risks for high-speed Internet users is that they have the Clients for Microsoft Networks networking project enabled. This project allows everyone in their area to connect to users’ computers, as well as show all the files that they can share. This fact alone should be enough to disable elevated logs. But turning them off also saves some bandwidth.

    Displaying the protocols of your On-Connect adapters
    Easily display the protocols installed on different network connectors and addCalls are active. Just follow this ladder quickly and you will have them in no time:

    1. Right-click the My Network Places icon on your desktop or Start menu and select Properties. If you don’t see the Connect My Own Places icon in each of these places, go to the Control Panel and click on our custom Network Connections icon that appears under Classic View.
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