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    If you are experiencing the hp 55 printer error on your system, we hope this user guide will help you resolve it. mistake,Yours is most likely due to an unfavorable connection between the DC controller and the machine. The problem may be caused by one or both of these factors. Sometimes the problem can also be related to firmware DIMMs or simply problems with drivers.

    hp 55 printer error

    Programs with error 55 are related to NVRAM issues and are rarely caused by the cartridge. A common cause is non-ideal performance. Make sure the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet and not to a surge protector, inverter power strip, or.

    Why is my HP printer giving me an error message?

    If your printer is showing a “Printer in error state” message, the problem might be with the printer type itself. Make sure the deviceThe unit is turned on and connected to a computer via Wi-Fi or a TV. Check the ink or paper levels, and make sure the tray is not open or paper is jammed.

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    Print messageabout the service What it means What to do Error merging 50.X A merge error has occurred.
    1. Turn off the printer, wait ten minutes, and then turn it back on. 2. If the message does not reinstall disappears, the fuser. If this does not help, replace the fusing unit. To check the block turn off the fuser, tattoo and remove the fuser block. Measure the resistance between the fuser block and the strip. If it is not within the maximum range, replace the fuser properly. If there is no continuity between the neutral and some terminals of the fuser unit and it is hot because the fuser unit has been removed, replace the fuser unit. This is a problem with the fusing unit, replace the drive mechanism control board. 50.4 to PRINTER Client voltage failure.
    1. Remove the printer from UPS storage, auxiliary power supplies, or power monitors. 2. Plug the printer into a working electrical outlet and see if that solves the problem. 3. If this printer is already connected to a large electrical outlet, try other electrical outlets in the building other than those currently recommended. 4. It may be necessary to check the mains voltage and power supply at the location of the printer to ensure that they meet the operating specifications of the printer. 51.X printer Lost error ray detection has occurred. X 1: description = beam detection error = 2 laser error
    1. Press FORWARD. The page containing the error is automatically reprinted. 2. Turn the printer off and on again. 3. Connect the cable between the main motor controller and the laser/scanner motor controller. 4. Replace laser/scanner. 5. Replace DC controller. 52.PRINTER step ERROR Wrong laser scanner x. Description X: 1 means Scanner startup error Rotation scanner error 2

    1=. Press FORWARD. The page containing the automatic error is reprinted. 2. Turn the printer off and on again. 3.Reinstall laser/scanner cables and locomotive controller. 4. Replace laser/scanner.

    53.XY.ZZ PRINTER ERROR Additionally, there is an error log. This dimmer does not handle a second hand error. The values ​​for X, Y, and ZZ are: X = DIMM type 0 = ROM 1 implies a RAM device slot Y = 1 = Internal memory (ROM or RAM) 1 to 4 holes = DIMM 1, 2, 3, or 4 ZZ = Error number 0, 1, seconds = Memory not supported or not recognized No or more = RAM test failed 4, methods = Maximum RAM or ROM size exceeded 6 = Boost DIMM invalid 7 = Insufficient DIMM report information = 8 DIMM – RAM matching error 9 = ROM often needs to be mapped to an unsupported address 10 = DIMM address conflict 11 corresponds to PDC XROM out of bounds 8 = Small mapping not possible< /td>

    1. Turn off the printer or reinstall the specified DIMM. 2.Try installing the DIMM in a different slot. DIMM (Firmware must be in slot #4, the lowest dimming slot.) 3. Replace the dimmer that caused the error.

    54.REMOVE 1 RIBBON alternates with FROM TONER CARTRIDGE The toner cartridge was installed without removing the protective film.
    1. You open the upper part and extract thatner cartridge. 8.Pull on the tape tab and you will remove the tape. 3. Replace the regular toner cartridge and close the main cover. 54.Alt 4 printer error with CLOSE TO CONTINUE There is a problem with the voltage in the client’s network.
    1. disconnect the printer completely from the UPS power supplies, redundant power supplies, or power strips. A. Printer Plug in and see if that solves the problem. 3. If the printing device is already plugged into a wall outlet, try a different power source in the building than the one currently in use. 2. You may need to check the mains voltage and power supply at the location of the printer to make sure they match the printer’s electronic specifications. 55.xx PRINTER Alternate CYCLE error with POWER TO CONTINUE An internal communication error has occurred. The error page is reprinted automatically. 1. Check the customer’s electrical system. 2. Replace firmware and/or DIMM formatter. a little. Replace motor controller board. experienced. Replace the formatter board. 5si,(For 8000, 8100, there may be a problem with the fusing unit. Try replacing the fusing unit.) 56.X PRINTER An incompatible error has been selected on the input/output combination. X=1 description:= Invalid or incorrect port accessory ideas – output Invalid Error page will be automatically reprinted.

    hp 55 printer error

    Fix your PC today by downloading this software now.

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