I Have A Problem With My Antivirus That Was Disabled By A Virus

You can see an error code indicating that my antivirus has disabled the virus. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll look at them now.

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    How do I enable my disabled antivirus?

    Select Start> Settings> Update & Security> Windows Security> Virus & Threat Protection> Manage Settings (or Virus & Threat Protection Settings in previous versions of Windows 10).

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    [Strike] If that’s what Mdd includes, you can try the perfect DVD / USB ISO for malware scanning. [/ strike]
    I see you suggested not running the antivirus program. I have not seen anything like this …

    my antivirus has been disabled by virus

    Can you see that TrustedInstaller is causing you problems? Trusted Installer is also the name associated with the Windows process, if I’m not mistaken. It could have been a virus. How do I know if a trusted installer is preventing the Defender from activating?


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    I tried to download audio recording software with a YouTube link called Audacity.
    When I tried to install it, I had to disable Windows Defender and it broke.
    Download the first program
    We started it ourselves. So I turned off the internet.
    I tried to install it, but inirus Malwarebytes won’t let me open it. Then I tried to use cmd to permanently remove it, but used it. The virus took control of everything.
    Today. They. Actually. Killed .my .best. Windows friend. Defender ..
    Anyway, I cannot activate the Windows opponent. Even in the service.
    Service names [insert your language] top
    I like itWindows Defender, the World’s Best Malware Protection Software
    This is not some name for the Windows Defender service.I know what to do. Guys, I really need help.

    I’m running a laptop with the free Avast antivirus for Windows 10 installed for protection. I am constantly updating my antivirus.

    Several months ago I noticed that in many cases my antivirus turns on and off without files (see photo). In some cases, we receive a pop-up notification on a specific desktop that an unknown application is still trying to disable your Avast protection.

    I will checkI used Avast to scan my system, but Kaspersky did not, but threats were still detected. Can anyone help me understand why and find a solution?


    requested October 21, 2016 2:25 PM

    Can a virus infect an antivirus?

    Unfortunately true. As some of you may have learned from experience, it is also possible to get a virus if you have installed an antivirus solution.

    my antivirus has been disabled by virus


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    It should be noted that checking your system with a convenient antivirus or virus application does not guarantee detection of virusesmustache.

    Can a virus disable Windows Defender?

    Malicious software can infiltrate and fight Defender. Remember that you are trying to reactivate the concept. If you can’t just turn Defender back on, you may have become infected. Install and run another spyware detector of your choice and see if you can find and track the infection.

    You may need to install a Trojan horse using what you know. This is a story in which malware masquerades as a regular program or application. Do you think you recently installed software packages from untrusted sources? Including duplicated software.

    If your computer malfunctions, the safest way to do this is to completely erase and remake your computer. My guess is that in order to disable family antivirus, this malicious application must have administrative access to your computer, possibly via an exploit allowing possible escalation or some kind of permission granted to the application by these users.

    Have you ever tried testing your own Windows Defender settings? I know that in the recent past, my Windows Advocate has tried repeatedly to disable my third party antivirus platform and set itself as the antivirus priority.

    answered Oct 21, 2016 at 15:32

    Can viruses disable antivirus?

    The virus can remove antivirus software or updates for some countries. It can also uninstall all antivirus programs or prevent it from being reinstalled. Some viruses tell your business that your antivirus is disabled if you pay and download malicious software to ensure reliability. Others may even run this fake AV on your device, hso that you do not suspect anything.

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