Workaround For Windows Updates Nagios Check_nt

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips when getting nagios check_nt error code for windows updates.

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    – Many critical and optional messages available
    – if the procedure is waiting to be reloaded after the posted updates

    – Properly handle NRPE 1024b restriction in the response packet.
    – Hidden restore updates status OK
    – Performance data in Yield Pack shows the names of available key updates.
    – caches updates in order file, reduce network traffic, andsignificantly increases the speed of script execution

    Return values ​​for NRPE:
    – No updates available – (0)
    – ok only hidden – updates (0)
    – normal, updates already installed, reboot required – WARNING (1)
    – Additional updates available WARNING (1)
    – Critical updates from – CRITICAL (2)
    – Script error – UNKNOWN (3)

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    – check_windows_updates.ps1 after copying
    – nsclient++ scripts Open powershell to set the execution policy with administrator:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy remotely
    – signed NSC edit.Add short ini, (without quotes):
    “check_updates=cmd /c scriptscheck_windows_updates echo.ps1; exit strategy command | $lastexitcode powershell.exe -“
    – Resume service completed

    Now nsclient++
    – you can easily check for windows updates using nagios.nrpe-check:

    nagios check_nt windows updates

    establish service delivery
    service_description wins updates
    use a shared service
    check_command check_nrpe_wu!check_updates
    host group name multiple windows servers
    Windows server unique hostname

    Sometimes the script cannot be completed within the payment timeout.Timeout of 10 seconds. To avoid this, I recommend setting a nice extended expiration in the purchase definition:

    install command
    command name check_nrpe_wu
    Command line /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H $HOSTADRESS$ -t -p 61 5666 -c $ARG1$

    Make sure your Powershell ExecutionPolicy is set to Remotesigned.
    Also note that there are two versions of Powershell for the 64-bit operating system! Depending on the architecture of your nsclient++ series, you should choose the ideal solution:
    – NSClient++ 64 (installed with c:program files):
    %SystemRoot%SysWOW64WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe RemoteSigned”

    – “set-executionpolicy 32bit NSClient++ (sets files (x86) in c:program ):
    SystemRoot%syswow64WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe “Set-ExecutionPolicy signed remotely”

    The main problem I have is that the script is telling me that update not 1 is required. When I check for updates from Windows, no update is required.
    This error occurs on some operating systems starting with win srv 2012, 2016 and just 2019. Show
    some servers are good, others are bad.

    nagios check_nt windows updates

    Another problemIt turns out that sometimes it takes 24 hours for the status to show that everything is in order.
    This is not a hindrance to Nagios, so the status of Ist is also bad, since you are running the script locally.
    Does the man or woman have an idea?

    I had multiple conditions to watch this event, Nagios with Grafana, and because it wasn’t the script that was reporting good performance, only a critical result. So I changed a few lines to the correct one in the powershell script:

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