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    Hope this guide will help you when you encounter sbs 2008 backup error. VSS Writers Failed: The backup fails because the broker’s VSS writers are in an unhealthy state, but it is not possible and possibly not desirable to restart the site for at least countless business hours. Not running VSS writers. There may also be a non-functioning writer module that needs to be probed.

    This article provides a clear-cut solution to an issue that causes Microsoft Windows Server Backup to fail due to a single error: Volume Shadow Copy Service operation failed.

    How do I fix VSS error?

    If the VSS authors or providers show errors, restart the Volume Shadow Copy Service and run the appropriate command again. If VSS authors or providers continue to show errors, restart the server and run the appropriate command again. Use any vssadmin shadow removal command to remove existing shadow copies.

    Applies to: Windows Server New Year R2, Windows Server 2016
    Significant amount of original KB: 2615182


    sbs 2008 backup fails vss error

    Internet backup may fail with the following error message:

    What is VSS issue?

    This error means that Microsoft VSS was unable to create the snapshot normally associated with your file system, and this particular backup task cannot permanently back up files that are only accessible by other applications. The most common reason for this error is that the VSS service has been disabled in one or more of the backup totals you see.

    Volume Mirroring service operation failed. Detailed error: Failed to copy volume darkness at address 0x800423F4. See the event log for more details.

    Into the magazineThe following error message is constantly logged in the Application Events:

    sbs 2008 backup fails vss error

    Log name: applicationSource: Microsoft Windows backup.Event ID: 521level: errorDescription:The backup started at "**" and failed because volume hidden text operation for backup volumes failed with the following error code "2155348129". Retry the backup once it has been resolved.

    If you take a close look at the application event log, you will notice that many errors come from both SQLWriter sources and SQLVDI sources.

    Log name: applicationSource: SQLWRITER.Event ID: 24583level: errorDescription:Sqllib Error: OLEDB error while calling ICommandText::Execute. time = 0x80040e14. SQLSTATE: 42000, native error: 3013Bug Status: #1, Severity: 16Source: Microsoft Company Server 10.0 SQL Native ClientError message: BACKUP DATABASE is crashing.SQLSTATE: 42000, native error: 3271Error Status: 1, Severity: 07Source: Microsoft SQL Server 10.0 Native Client.Error message: A fatal input error has occurredyes-out while serving file "DF1DD65F-F8AD-4946-A764-F62166C541E222:" 995 (I/O operation aborted due to thread termination or request exhaustion).
    Log name: applicationSource: SQLVDIEvent ID: personlevel: errorKeyword: classicUser: N/AComputer: CONTOSOSERVER.contoso.localDescription:SQLVDI: Loc=TriggerAbort. Description= called. Error code=(0). process=3720. Yarn=9404. Server. Instance=SBSMonitoring. VD=GlobalDF1DD65F-F8AD-4946-A764-F62166C541E210_SQLVDIMemoryName_0.


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    When Windows Server Backup attempts to back up a disk volume again, a volume shadow copy snapshot is written to the volume. If the snapshot is taken frequently, any VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) writer associated with the variety will be called. Typically, if one of the VSS writers fails, the entire backup job will fail. In this example, the SQL VSS element encounters an error and causes the backup job to fail.


    The error is usually caused by the state of one of the SQL instance servers. To resolve some problems, you must firstrather determine which instance of SQL Server is causing the problem. Typically, the problematic instance of SQL Server is identified as the first reported SQLVDI error.

    Log name: applicationSource: SQLVDIEvent ID: 1level: errorDescription:SQLVDI: Loc=SignalAbort. Desc=Declining customer calls. Error code=(0). process=4772. son=10300. Customer. Instance = SBSMONITORING. VD=Global3AB8F080-950C-4EF9-B637-0F37B2428F171_SQLVDIMemoryName_0.

    In this example, the SQL Server instance selected for SBSMONITORING is unable to create a snapshot.

    There may also be an error message far away from the SQLWRITER source that occurs around the same time as the very first SQLVDI error. The SQLWRITER error message may indicate the name of the database that has a problem with the new snapshot.

    How do I fix failed VSS writers?

    On the target computer, open an elevated command prompt with administrative privileges.Run vssadmin list author, but also mark all authors as Failed.Open Services.Open the Employment Manager and stop certain processes in order to fail the associated plugins.or VSS.Let’s get back to services.

    Log name: applicationSource: SQLWRITER.Event ID: 24583Description:Sqllib Error: An OLEDB error was encountered by calling ICommandText::Execute. time = 0x80040e14. SQLSTATE: 42000, native error: 3013Bug status: 1, severity: 2007.Source: Microsoft SQL Server 10.0 Native Client.Error message: BACKUP DATABASE is crashing.SQLSTATE: 42000native error: 945Error Stage: 2, Severity: 14Source: Microsoft SQL Server 10.0 Native Client.Error message: Database 'SBSMonitoring' cannot be accessed due to inaccessible files and insufficient memory or disk space. See the SQL Server error log for details.

    In this example, there was a problem with the SSBMonitoring database.

    Once you’ve determined that the specified instance of SQL Server has a problem, the first step is to test that particular backup with the SQL Server view stopped. In our example with a sure instance of SSBMonitoring, you must stop the SQL Server service (SBSMonitoring) that is running the server.

    You will then run the recorded job with the affected instance of SQL Server stopped. Once the backup is complete, you know that the error was simply caused by the SQL Server instance not being started. You can then examine the remote machine’s SQL errors and Fire Wood event log files to see if we can determine what is wrong with that selected SQL Server instance.

    If you just can’t identify the problem node indSQL instance from the event logs, you always stop all SQL instance servers on the server and try to backup using SQL. If all SQL Server samples are stopped, the SQL contribution of VSS will not be used.

    If the installation of Small Business Server 2007 fails, you must stop the monitoring services:

  • SQL Server (SSMonitoring)
  • Windows Internal Database
  • Failing to install this year’s Small Business Server Standard will result in services being discontinued:

  • SQL Server (Sharepoint)
  • sql (SBS monitoring)
  • Windows Internal Database
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