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    • Are you sure? Your CentOS is designed to be a complete environment. If you need to replace a critical component, it could potentially have a huge impact on the rest of the system.
    • Are you absolutely sure? Seriously, 99.9% more users don’t need to rebuild their own kernel. Perhaps you just need to build a kernel module, in which case see Building your own kernel modules.

    • Is the functionality you need available when installing kernel modules from this ELRepo project?

    • Is the simplicity you want available as a user module for the current kernel?
    • Are all the features you need available in the CentOS Plus kernel found in the CentOSPlus repository?

    • Last warning . . . If you break or run System One, here’s what you can keep, and as a bonus, bring any parts you need to keep. There is

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    There are two or more ways to build a traditional kernel for CentOS. One of them is to develop a kernel with configurable parameters far from the CentOS source codes, and many others use -ie the main kernel from the source codes taken from The Archives kernel Linux.

    This guide shows you how to build a kernel source code using CentOS with your options or mods. its composition includes Procentos-7.

    (If you want to tinker with the main kernel, never follow the instructions to compile the kernel a. This page is not recommended as it describes building as root, and in the national approach it is unsafe and imperfect. See -root with rpm source code, as in CentOS, for all reasons.A good reference for building a core office kernel is the Linux kernel redundancy in a nutshell.)

    1. Create Remedies

    In order to apply a successful kernel build, you will probably need to install the following functions:

    • yum “Development Team Installation Tools”

    • yum place ncurses-devel

    • yum install qt3-devel (Probably only needed if you want to help yourself with make xconfig instead of Gconfig build or make menuconfig.)

    • < p>yum organizes hmaccalc binutils- zlib-devel devel

    • Source code for the large kernel elfutils-libelf-devel. you must follow the instructions section 2, similar to I Need The kernel Source.

    Whist, which works with yum commands, will keep track of the mention of an exception. If there are any “exclusive” tracks in the mp3s yum configuration, related to packages related to the core, and packages, they should also be removed. It should be understood that the CentOS project does not encourage the use of exceptions, so some vendors are starting to disallow user-modified kernels from running in their supported environment. For more information, see Virtual 3, Server Not Running on the CentOS wiki article. Please note that it is recommended to have an up-to-date and verified backup of any theme you don’t want to lose.

    If you have a Fix kernel, copy it to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/ for support.

    2. .configure .kernel

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    Change the .dir .to .~/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel-*/linux-*/ .then .copy .to that .dir .as ..config .the current config file from the configs/ directory by running or the current config file kernels from any /boot/ directory.

    [[email protected]]$ cd Cp ~/rpmbuild/build/kernel-*/linux-*/
    [[email protected]]$configs/kernel-3.10.0-`uname -m`.config .config
    [[email protected]]$ cp /boot/config-`uname -r` .Configs

    Note: uname -m around characters or uname -r “backticks” are not apostrophes.

    Check make oldconfig first. Now seriously, you must run make menuconfig , gconfig or make xconfig to configure our kernel. After that, do not forget to successfully save the changes.

    Next, add a last line containing the commented out hardware platform equivalent and the beginning of the configuration register (corresponding to the output returned by the uname -i command), just before it is copied into each of our configurations/directories. Sometimes for x86_64 this will be a 64-bit architecture . It should now be commented out with a and # should be any first line of the file. Note that there should be a .box between the

    pound symbol and the full hardware platform descriptor.

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    As usual, add either:

    to the first line of the .config file,


    Copy .backup .lodge .config ..To to the configs/ directory. Essentially, this is the opposite of any previous copy: the


    [[email protected]]$ cp.config configs/kernel-3.10.0-`uname -m`.config step

    Last – copy all filesThe contents of the configs/ site directory at ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/.

    [[email protected]]$ cp configs/* ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/

    3. Kernel ABI

    A feature of the CentOS kernel is that its ABI is better preserved throughout the product lifecycle, and the advantage of consistent Is-Abi is that external kernel modules can be designed to be independent of all kernel versions. Therefore, they do not need to be rebuilt for every new kernel released. This is the basis of the kABI check kmod package – for example, to provide updated device drivers and support for other file sets.

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