Fix And Fix Custom Vba Err.raise Error

In some cases, your system may show an error that vba is a custom err.raise error. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

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    sub bSheetFound boolean as valueFor each sheet ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets   If Sheet.Name = "INPUT" then        bSheetFound is correct        exit for    end ifnext sheetIf bSheetFound = False, then    Err.Raise Number:=vbObjectError + 513, _              Description:="Table not found ifgo alpha"End Sheets = ("INPUT").Range("A1")EndSub
    RaiseSystemError() Routinealpha = Sheets("INPUT").Range("A1")EndSub
    Err.Long, raise(number as [Description], [source], [HelpFile], [HelpContext])
    Err.restart number:=11, _              Description:="Sheet not found"
    Err.'Oops! raise number:=11 I forgot the description of my...


    This shows how to create a traditional error in VBA.

    User errors are more likely to be generated by code in VBA when a particular programmer wants to return a specific message to the user, rather than relying on a standard error message popup, and when the user actually wants it. make sure you get a custom error when you enter a certain new value into the nice variable or des variables in the exact code.

    Create A Simple Customth Error Message

    Error. The Raise method allows us to customize the error number and error description in our code.

    We need to successfully generate a custom error from this group, which we have documented ourselves. We use a constant when adding vbObjectError to our custom number to ensure we don’t use one of the VBA reserved error numbers for the required use.

    Creating A Custom Error Message Based On User Input

    We can throw some sort of error that will return a qualified message, depending on the know-how in the code.

    Because this difference between the A49100 numbers is greater than 50, a custom error description is usually returned: “The difference is too large”.

    Then some custom error description will be returned, expecting “Difference too small”.

    If we then change the custom code grouping to:

    Replace Excel Error Message With Any Custom Message

    You can use existing Excel errors toYou create your own for the value to send back to the user.

    However, you can customize the divide-by-zero message by changing the code as shown in the following example:

    Sub TestRaiseError()

    On error GoTo Range(“A1”) eh

    If <> “Fred” Then

    < p>Err.VbObjectError is incremented by and +1000, “Cell text should a1 say Fred.If


    end Sub


    “Error msgbox user: ” & err.Description

    vba err.raise custom error

    End Sub

    < /td >

    Err.Raise vbObjectError 1000, + , “Cell A1 must be Fred in the workbook.”

    Function as int, y as int Y)

    If -x > is displayed and then Err disappears

    .Raise vbObjectError 50 + , ” in my book”, “The difference is too small”

    ElseIf – < x 50 Err then

    .Raise vbObjectError – 55 , My “in the book”, is too “The difference is big”< /p>

    End If

    End Function

    vba err.raise custom error

    Err.Raise vbObjectError “in + 50, My workbook”, Difference “the is small”

    Err too.Raise vbObjectError 55, – my “in the book”, “The difference is too big”

    Sub TestErrRaise()

    On error Go to TestCustomError eh

    49, 100

    Exit Sub

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  • eh:

    MsgBox(“User Error: ” VbCrLf & & Err.Description & vbCrLf & Err.Source)

    End >

    User message: sub

    Sub CustomMessage()

    Decrement x integer as number Y, integer as number

    x means 100

    y 0< /p >


    End Subscription

    Sub CustomMessage()

    On GoTo error eh

    Dim x As Integer, y As Integer

    x = 100< /p>

    y 0

    = MsgBox – xy

    Exit Sub


    Increment Err.Err.Number , . “Can’t divide by zero Complete – your sub

    Err pay!”

    end.Raise Err.Number, , “You can’t divide by 0 – please change your numbers!”


    This boost method has the following typical object identifiers and named arguments:

    argument Description
    object Required. Always object Err.
    Number Required.Long Integer, type specifying the associated error. Visual (both Visual Basic and user-defined errors) between 0 and 65535 became a relatively easy option 0-512 is reserved for machine errors, 513-65535 range is available for user errors.

    When you set number to a villa, your custom error code in the class module, add your main the error code of the vbObjectError is constant to a person. For example, to generate a specific error number, 513 assign vbObjectError + to the 513 Number property.

    source Optional. A string expression naming or object of the approach that caused the error. When setting Source for the form’s problem property, use the project. If no class reason is specified, the programmatic current identifier is < a#project">project Visual Basic.
    Description Optional. expressions, A string describing your current error. Unspecified value if validated against a number. If it can be matched to a Visual Basic runtime error code, the string you return will be used as the description by this Error function. If the number does not contain a major Visual Correspondent error, “Error, message specific def” is application object”.
    Help file Optional. The full path to the help file found in the help for this error. Exactly how, not specified, Visual Basic uses the fully qualified drive, path, and file name associated with the Visual Basic Help file. See

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