Best Way To Solve Video Codec For DJs Virtual Home

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    Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating the video codec for Virtual DJ Home. This error can be caused by a variety of reasons.

    DJ VooDooPRO Infinity Member since 2004

    Hello husband or wife! You know where I can find a and some good clean free tutorial video codecs to save your video tutorial mixes to VDJ?

    DJ VooDooPRO Infinity Member since 2004

    Thanks for your quick feedback. I have a few questions. Do I need to make any changes to the VDJ environment after loading this configuration? I see there is a free trial. Can I try the above and see if it solves any simple problems and then pay again? What did you need to do during installation to get it working?

    I try a lot with video, but I still get codec errors and one associated codec writes very unevenly. Your comments are welcome.

    SOUND INSURGENTPRO has been a member of Infinity since 2007.

    VDJ no changes are required. However, oneA native setup with FRAPS would be that you would need to assign a hotkey that starts / stops recording and therefore has to select soundcard recording from anywhere. Otherwise, this is a more or less simple process. For example, I will save it as an AVI type and the file size can be very large (some gigabytes depend on the length). We will just convert everything to MP4 and also delete the AVI file. Mp3Rick talked about this, and I even tried using VDJ for a year and a half. There are others here who understand too, so maybe they can get involved ..

    Have fun, brother

    Member of GSFonzyPRO Infinity on the basis that 2010

    Does VirtualDJ play MP4 files?

    VirtualDJ 8 can play karaoke in standard MP3 + G format or video karaoke (any ready-made video format like Mpeg2, MP4, etc.).

    You can get them online for free. I have k-lite, I guess that’s the name. You can use it directly from someone else’s vdj program. Just open any section entry.

    this member of SOUND INSURGENTPRO Infinity for the reason that 2007

    Yes, unfortunately I cannot save your stretched monitor ……….

    Fraps, last story …..

    wildcountryclubPRO InfinityMember since 2006

    How do you put videos on VirtualDJ?

    After your external display is configured and operational, you can also drag and drop a video window onto it or, if you have a full VirtualDJ Professional, go to CONFIGURATION -> Video, select your external TV display from the list, then click Activate to watch video in full screen mode.

    There are many sets of codecs, just pick one as it has everything you need and scan it.
    video codec for virtual dj home

    @breaker (blank) fraps is a good thing not everyone gets $ 35 to sneeze on these weekdays. ffds works fine and the DVIX codec packs are good and free if you are recording to another monitor anyway. I used it during the show to record a short promo mix at one of our sports bars, so I switched to 720p without any problems.

    DJ VooDooPRO Infinity Member since 2004

    Does VirtualDJ support streaming?

    There are two options available for purchase: Soundcloud Go + (streaming only) and therefore Soundcloud DJ (video download and offline playback).

    I downloaded most DVIX codecs, and K-lite technically works fine. I also use the Register tool and have updated the maximum detection on half of my bank card video memory which is 1024. I think this kind of extensive testing would require all sorts of things, but it seems to be good so far.

    GSFonzyPRO Infinity Member since 2010

    beatbreaker1 wrote:

    Yes, but I don’t know if you can accommodate your extended monitor ………

    < p> Fraps, latest story …..

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    Well, if you can use it in a real deployment by choosing an external monitor, there might be problems. Least available at home. However, I do not record the set during the concert, so I have nothing to worry about.

    Yes, but I cannot register your extended monitor ………

    streetkingviPRO Infinity Member since 2009

    Can you play youtube videos on VirtualDJ?

    To upload your current video mix to Youtube, you need a valid Youtube account to have live buffering enabled. Activation takes 24 hours before the client can start streaming. Press the STOP BROADCAST button to make VirtualDJ stop streaming video when you finish your own mix.

    Hi wildcountryclub, could anyone please post your settings that allowed you to successfully record at 720p. I downloaded klite, ffdshow and dvix and could never get a larger disc to get 320 x 240 resolution with different kbps possible?

    @ beatbreaker1 what is the maximum resolution and frame rate in kilobytes per second you get with fraps?

    What are you doing with the fraps, is it also screen recording or is this virtual DJ video output automatically connected to the fraps recorder?

    SOUND INSURGENTPRO has been a member of Infinity since 2007.

    @Streetking, here is the web link to the FAQ page. We welcome answers to all your questions.

    I chose it because it has been recommended since then. And I have never been able to record mp3rick on a large extended monitor with VDJ. It overloads your processor a little, and the video They look great. I highly recommend this. I mean, it’s actually only $ 35, so we’re going to spend a whole month on music and video …….

    SOUND INSURGENTPRO InfinityMember just 2007

    Here is another good program, I think I’ll buy it now, http://www.bandicam.To com /
    did some more tests but found out that looks good so far and it really is. Only $ 39 …………

    Emmanuel_lapapa Main user Member since 2015

    Please help me a little with setting up the YouTube mixer on the Pro7 Virtual Disk Jockey.


    Which codec is most important for recording a video mix? vdj pro

    DJ VooDooPRO Infinity Member since 2004

    Hello, the best answer I can give is to use VDJ 8 instead. I’ve never solved my video problems with VDJ 7. I could get firewood, but it came out unevenly and froze me. I wear a high-end computer well. So if I want to record which video now, I’ll do it on your VDJ 8 and brag about it without any problem.

    Matthew Stevenson PRO Infinity Member 2015

    Boot up V8, it always recorded my pairing video without any problem.

    Selekta Baxter

    Hello, can anyone help me get the software for zapand video to get vdi 8 so I can record my videos? PLEAAAAAAAAASEEEEE

    A man and his music PRO Infinity Member 2005
    video codec for virtual dj home

    Read this thread

    Also blocked because it was listed in 2012

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