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    Today’s article is designed to help you when you receive the Wikipedia windows Installer Cleanup Utility error message. The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (MSICU.exe, MSICUU.exe, MSICUU2.exe) is a system utility for the Microsoft Windows Performance System that is designed to troubleshoot related problems by removing programs that use the new Windows Setup technology.



    language Description Label Same as

    Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

    Windows Cleanup Utility

    What is the use of Windows Installer?

    Windows On all Windows operating systems, the installer in question is similar to a utility application used to install software/applications. It provides a source for installing software on a home PC that conforms to the architectural structure of Windows. The installer, no doubt windows, was known as the Microsoft installer.

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  • Windows Cleanup Installer


    windows installer cleanup utility wikipedia

    Infobox Software
    = Microsoft
    released the latest version January 2004
    ‘ statement ?
    = latest version date matches
    Frequency_updated = None
    Operating system matches platform Microsoft Windows
    = Microsoft Windows
    language =< br > genre=Third-party uninstaller
    site equivalent to

    < p> The Windows Installer Cleanup utility looks for registry references and file types hosted by Installer windows programs and forcibly removes them. It fully works in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Microsoft Windows.

    What does Disk Cleanup utility do?

    Disk Cleanup helps free up space on your incredible hard drive, thereby improving system performance. Disk Cleanup scans your hard drive and then shows you temporary files, internet cache files, andimportant folders which programs you can safely delete. Open File Explorer.


    What does Windows Installer Clean Up Utility do?

    Simply put, the Windows Installer.CleanUp utility is a machine that erases all files and settings of a laptop or computer associated with the selected formation installed on a person’s computer using Microsoft Windows Installer technologies.

    This utility was first released by the Microsoft company in January 2004 to help computers clean windows installed programs that were disabled or to remove their company from the Microsoft Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows.


    The utility only modifies the de registry values ​​and files due to the partial installer over windows of the main program. It will not remove certain files from the computer and should definitely only be used as a last resort when trying to deal with a buggy program.

    windows installer cleanup utility wikipedia

    The utility can generally only be run by users logged in as a system administrators.

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    Windows Installer Cleanup Tool

    Infobox Software
    developer= Microsoft
    available= January 2004
    latest production version= ?
    latest release date
    frequent_updated = no
    working human body = Microsoft Windows platform
    Microsoft includes Windows
    =< br >genre=Third Party Uninstaller
    site equivalent to

    Physical Windows CleanUp Installer view for links Formats and registry files associated with Windows That Installer have been installed by various programsand and artificially suppressed. It works without problems in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.


    This utility may have been first released by Microsoft in January 2004 to help Windows computers remove installed programs that, when rejected or uninstalled, claim not to exit the Microsoft Add/Remove Programs page in Windows.


    The utility severely modifies the values ​​and registry files that come with the Windows Partial Installer program, which is located in program. It will not filter many files from the computer and should only be used for the last attempt to run a program with errors.

    The utility will most likely only be run by users, and < this The r> System Administrator logged in.

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