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    Over the past few weeks, a number of readers have reported word Email Mapi errors.


    Recently when I upgraded to office2010 2013 I found that the correct file for email might not be sent. Meanwhile, the situation in the Word document could not be sent to each of our emails as an attachment.
    Error – mapi “Unknown error”, error d.H Mapi: unspecified cause.

    Software solution>:
    HKEY_Current_User > Office Microsoft > 15 >.gt 0; & Outlook > Settings > Maximum Attachment Size
    Change the value from 0 Z to 1.B.5000 toSuggest that an attachment with a total size of 5 MB can be sent. Of course, a person can increase it, it’s 50000m, 50m!

    1. Mapi Error When Trying To Send An Email From Word

      How do I fix MAPI failure in Word?

      Begin.Find Winward.Right-click Winword and select Preferences (I would choose Open History instead, so you know where to find the rest of your current Windows programs).click on the “Compatibility” tab. checkExecution compared to administrator Below.Use.Know

      How to fix one bug when mapi send email from Word


    2. Email MAPI.Word 2013

      I need to link a PDF to Word as a document but it keeps saying that I need to restart the MAPI mail app but I’m not sure how exactly. How to restart MAPI?

    3. I can’t send email from MS Word or Excel 2010 = MAPI

      error Please forgive my delay. I was at the last hospital. First, then I have all the steps in the article below for the mail app I’m currently using. The new Windows Mail app for Mobile doesn’t work with Office ms. you need a mailer with MAPI. I buy Windows Live Mail just because it’s free. Outlook is not suppliedIs it with the home version of Office 2010 that I have? Fix bugs

      How do you correct a MAPI related error?

      restart your computer and in this case start Outlook Expressclick “Options” in the “Tools” menu bar.On the General tab, uncheck “Make Outlook Express my patient with plain MAPI by default” and click Apply.Click when ok, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

      file After following the steps above, I followed the steps in this article:

      Windows Live Mail and Mail outlook

      Now I can send emails from Word and Excel. Hope this Mapi process helps!

    4. Error When Trying To Send Email In Word

      What is the Mapi

      Mail Schema ApplicationHello

      MAPI is short for Messaging Application Programming Interface. It is a messaging architecture that allows multiple applications to interact with specific messaging systems on different hardware platforms (such as Microsoft Outlook).

      word email mapi error

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